Arkai Americas


Arkai Americas is a Joint Venture between Arkai and Finlat, a professional firm focused in investment banking, portfolio management, international tax and advisory services in Latin America.

Finlat’s headquarters are in Costa Rica and led by Mr. Federico Golcher, a senior manager who had a 40 year professional career at KPMG and Ernst & Young, the last 30 years in CEO and business leader roles. 

Arkai Americas headquarter is in Panama, a country recognized as “the hub for the Americas” for its infrastructure, free trade zones and its political stability and economic growth. Panama’s strategic geographic position, and its tradition as an offshore jurisdiction compliant with OECD rules as well as its extended network of tax treaties, provides Arkai Americas with an exceptional advantage to respond to Arkai clients’ needs in Latin America. 

Arkai Americas is also positioned to serve European companies and entities that seek jurisdiction diversification remote from the European Community. 

The services offered by Arkai Americas are the following: 

  • Assistance in developing business and local JV in Central America
  • Coordination of Worldwide legal entities
  • Corporate legal, tax and financial advisory



Arkai Americas

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