The best way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them”

— Ernest Hemingway

Our services

Swiss onboarding

We give operative assistance to foreigners considering the advantages of starting or relocating an activity in Switzerland

Asset protection planning

 We design the optimal structure for the protection of today’s assets and tomorrow’s generational transfer

Global assistance

We assist clients worldwide through our main offices and network of trusted specialized subsidiaries.

International business design

We structure investments and business activities to optimize the benefits of globalization and deregulation

Arkai Auditing ServicesAuditing Services

Our thorough analysis brings insights on your company’s business and financial situation in view of annual reports or M&As.

Arkai Real Estate Services

Real Estate

We support with data and actionable knowledge your real estate operations anywhere in the world.

International wealth planning

 Embracing complexity

Arkai has developed direct skills to appropriately structure business activities for companies and entrepreneurs in the phase of wealth creation to ensure its correct protection and preservation, as well as defining its transfer to future generations.

Arkai’s International structure provides all legal advisory support needed to organize globally appropriate structures such as trusts, family foundations or insurance policies.

Establishing a business activity in Switzerland

 The advantages of doing business as foreigners

Consider Switzerland’s lighter fiscal burden and liberal labor market, the proverbial reliability of the “Swiss System”, and the easy to achieve substance requirements. Its economic stability and efficient infrastructure make Switzerland the ideal place to start a business endeavor in the best possible environment.

Although many languages are spoken, the official language in Ticino is Italian, making it easier to deal with corporate law, official documents, contracts, etc.

Arkai provides 360º onboarding support for professionals and entrepreneurs, and their businesses.