Doing Business in Ticino, Switzerland


Arkai has a specialized Team Switzerland to coordinate the establishment of companies in Swiss territory, producing feasibility studies, undertaking negotiations with tax authorities and providing all the operative assistance to legal entities and individuals, and to those interested in starting a business in Ticino, by offering detailed analysis and assessing,- jointly with the entrepreneur,- the strengths of the business to be implemented in Switzerland.

The main advantages for foreigners who consider starting a business in Ticino are:

  • Substance requirements: easy to achieve
  • Fiscal burden: extremely favorable compared for example to European standards
  • Tax ruling: possible to obtain
  • Economic incentives for certain business startups
  • Liberal labor market – partnership relationships between employer and employee are not the exception in Switzerland
  • Reliability of the “swiss system
  • Economic stability in Switzerland
  • Truly efficient infrastructures, transport and logistics
  • Although many languages are spoken there, the official language in Ticino is Italian, making it easier to deal with corporate law, official documents, contracts, etc.