Arkai Italia


Arkai Italia is a professional corporation operating in Italy, specializing in corporate taxation, auditing, and financial consultancy such as corporate debt restructuring, M&A and many other aspects. Among its officers, Marcello Del Prete and Maria Carla Bottini are two professionals with a consolidated presence in the Milanese arena, while Luigi Petrosino adds a solid experience in financial and corporate restructuring of companies.

Arkai Italia is based in Milan, Italy, a city recognized internationally as a point of reference for the Italian economic and financial world, a place where the main players of the local and world markets operate.

Arkai Italia also offers timely and highly professional assistance to Italian and European customers interested in investing in Italy.

The corporation is registered with the Order of Accountants of Milan as an accounting expert, auditor and labor consultant. It is also equipped with the professional know-how to provide customers with global corporate assistance.

Arkai Italia
Società tra Professionisti Srl

Via Dante 4
20121 Milano Italia